Artisan Silk Weaving

How might we elevate the value of silk products to generate a fair income for the silk weavers who love their work and need to provide for their families?
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This team explored possibilities to co-create a bridge between elderly passionate silk weavers with village teenagers in order to explore possibilities to create higher value products.

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Silk textile is a high-value product created over a 3 month process that involves raising animals, taking care of trees, working with specialized tools, preparing and dyeing raw silk fibers, and extensive weaving knowledge.
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Silk wearing is considered a hobby -  not a viable full-time job.
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Silk Weavers & Teenage Youth working together with Chayanich Thamparipattra, Franzi Heuck, Sarvesh Mainali, & Wei Guo, and guided by Irene Laochaisri and Mansi Kakkar. 

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The typical silk weaver in Baan Hang Wao is a woman between 50-70 years old.
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Young people think silk weaving is a “grandma” activity, but they have digital skills useful to marketing silk products.

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Image Details

  1. Weaving silk textile 
  2. Raising silkworms 
  3. Preparing silk yarn 
  4. Preparing silk yarn 
  5. A typical silk textile weaving set-up in a local's home 
  6. Leaves on a mulberry tree 
  7. Finished silk textile 

All photo credit to Areeya Tivasuradej.