Weed Management

How might we develop a low-cost solution which reduces labour in weed management and helps farmers to maximize their yield for better livelihoods?
*faces have been censored to protect youth participants


This team originally sought to address the issue of post-harvest rice drying, but quickly discovered that the more immediate concern involved weeding during the rice growing period, and moved to co-create a hardware solution.

*faces have been censored to protect youth participants
Farmers often have other side jobs to supplement their agricultural livelihoods, including construction and silk weaving.
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Prototype: double-bladed weeder that can be built in less than 6 hours, weighs less than 5kg, takes less than 3 steps to utilize, and costs less than 500 Thai Baht.
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Local farmers and Raigon Organics Farm working together with Hasib Nadeem, Prashant Neopane, Chavakorn Srisopha, & Paing Hein Htet, and guided by Pattamaphon Dumnui and Hazwan Razak.

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Most farmers, alongside most people in Northeast Thailand, speak the Isaan dialect of Lao as their native language.
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Non-organic farmers are willing to switch to organic farming if there are non-chemical inputs able to remove weeds.

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