International Development Design Summit Sisaket will accelerate an inclusive & sustainable approach to development in Southeast Asia. 

International Development Design Summit Sisaket is a 16 day education and capacity-building training program that will launch the Innovation Hub at Raitong Organics Farm. This initial program will bring together 50 participants & organizers from around Thailand, Asia, and the world with local communities in Sisaket Province to learn and apply co-creative design processes for rural development and build 6 prototype solutions together. IDDS Sisaket is the 1st step towards building an innovation & creativity-driven economy in Northeast Thailand & Southeast Asia. 

IDDS Sisaket will be from July 21, 2017 to August 5, 2017.

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Our Mission

IDDS Sisaket will bring people together from Sisaket, Thailand and the world to co-create the following: 

A Participant-Focused Training Summit
Participants will gain skills in design thinking for social impact. This means that they will learn to work with local communities, build solutions from raw materials, and develop critical relationships with innovators from around the world. Putting their ideas to action in a range of critical areas including, water resources, waste management, organic agriculture, financial management, and more.

6 Prototype Solutions
The initial outputs of this IDDS Sisaket are real, working prototype solutions ready to be used, tested, and developed into standalone enterprises, or integrated into existing business and practices. We are committed to an open-source model of knowledge creation. The participants of IDDS Sisaket will produce prototypes in relation to the 6 challenge themes of the summit. 

An Innovation Center in Sisaket, Thailand
The organizers of IDDS Sisaket are committed to the communities that we work with, and are building infrastructure for youth development, job creation, education and capacity building, and regional innovation. We are planning programs that will extend beyond IDDS Sisaket. 

6 Prototype Training Programs
Participant teams will also build, based on their design thinking experience at IDDS Sisaket, training programs that can be utilized by other training programs, such as the DSIL Course, and the growing innovation center in Sisaket Province at Raitong Organics Farm. 

A Regional Community of Innovators
Participants of IDDS Sisaket join the International Development Innovation Network (IDIN). IDIN is a program of the MIT D-Lab, which supports over 850 innovators in 65 different countries around the world. These innovators have created over 130 innovations and enterprises around the world with financial, knowledge, and human resource support from MIT D-Lab and their fellow Network members.

“I'm often frustrated by conferences where the results are just presentations, posters and papers. The output of this conference will be real devices, things that people can use.”

— Amy Smith, Founder MIT D-LAB


Participants, organizers, communities, and staff will listen and learn, share and discover, and co-create and prototype solutions to six critical challenge areas of sustainable development in Sisaket, Thailand. 

We are currently exploring a number of projects with the community. At IDDS, we will work on 6 projects. This exploration will serve as the basis for future projects with the community as part of the work of the innovation center at Raitong Organics Farm. 


What are IDIN & IDDS?

The International Development Innovation Network (IDIN) at MIT supports International Development Innovation Summit (IDDS) around the world. All IDDS focus on the principles of co-creation, diversity, and hands-on design & development in order to create capacity for local sustainable development and design. IDDS Sisaket will be the first IDDS in Southeast Asia.



of participants and organizers from Thailand and the Lower Mekong Region (Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos). We are committed to local and regional capacity.


people directly & positively impacted through the organization and running of IDDS Sisaket. We are training individuals, building community, and creating job opportunities. 


people over 5 years positively impacted through the learnings and sustainability efforts of IDDS Sisaket in collaboration with our organizing partners and sponsors. 


Our team of partners is dedicated to local, national, regional, and global sustainability. We believe that long-term innovation begins with diversity in thought and perspective with particular focus on collaboration with and within local communities. 

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