International Development Design Summit Sisaket catalyzed an inclusive & sustainable approach to development in Southeast Asia

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IDDS Sisaket was a 16 day education and capacity building training program that launched the Innovation Hub at Raitong Organics Farm. 50 participants and organizers were invited by the community of Baan Hang Wao in Sisaket Province, Thailand to work and learn together towards co-created solutions to local problems. 

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I’m often frustrated by conferences where the results are just presentations, posters and papers. The output of this conference will be real devices, things that people can use.
— Amy Smith, Founder MIT D-Lab

A participant-focused training summit bringing together different people to learn design thinking and the co-creative design process for development. 

An innovation center in Northeast Thailand committed to creating fair jobs, practicing open science research, and developing creative industries.

6 co-created prototype solutions to problems that have been identified by locals and critical to the local context. 

A regional & global community of innovators in the International Development Innovation Network supported by the MIT D-Lab. 

A long-term field study to understand rural livelihoods in Thailand in order to inform better solutions and futures together. 

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I see teamwork in a completely new light.
— IDDS Sisaket participant
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