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IDDS Sisaket would be not have been possible without generous financial and in-kind support of our partners. With this support, we provided grants to participants, accommodation for organizers, tools for prototyping, & infrastructure for the future.

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During May and June 2017, IDDS Sisaket ran a crowdfunding campaign, where we raised 12,300 USD from over 80+ individuals and local organizations. Thank you so much for working with us to build an ecosystem that believes in collaborative innovation, inclusive technology, and sustainabile food & agriculture. 

Donors contributing $1-100

Daphne Iglesias, Luis Miguel, Alex Budak, Stephanie Arrowsmith, Hugo Ferpozzi, Justin Carrus, Emily Rowland, Steven Knapp, Skuanya Mukherjee, Samuel Williams, Paige Minichiello, Lena Wu, Nikolai Kapustin, Nadia Masrol, Gabe Ficht, Lauren McKown, Kelsey Hartman, Laura Foster, Colin Walker, Josh Hartsell, Ricardo Ramirez, Grace Lee, Chris Oestereich, Mark Franken, Kyle Craven, Thabiso Mashaba, Seamas McCaffrey, Yasmin Ahammad, Sho Nakashima, Adam Whiteman, J Danov, Laura Budzyna, Joon Heo, Leslie Kon, Lani Fung, Brett Caldwell, Gareth Marshall, Kevin Mallane, Brentt Blakkan, Madeleine Recknagel, Josique L, Bobby Hugill, Michael Hill, Michael Ottaway, Roger Briggs, Denisa Kera, Ateeb Maskati, Rowena RP

Donors contributing $101-200

Eric Hauck, Julian O'Shea, Hazwan Razak, Laura Takenaka, Siradej Donavanik, Hebe Vessuri, Elena Gartner, Andrew Babbin, Leslie Chan, Rachel Machefsky, Stephen Smith

Donors contributing $201-1000

Ilana Kaplan, Claudine Chen, Rob Lacey, Kris Besley, Billy Marinelli, Terry Evans, David Glick,
The Family Tree and The Social Salad team (Hua Hin, Thailand) 

Donors contributing $1001-3000+

Siripong Angkasakulkiat, Hung-Wei Chien, Melonie Brophy,
The Rotary Club of Cupertino
John Ganshaw & The Butterfly Pea - Siem Reap