Participant Experience


Learn & Apply
Co-creative Design PRocess

Learn from experienced facilitators about inclusive and co-creative design. Apply your learning while working on a diverse team with local community members to design and build a real working prototype from start to finish.

Empathize & discover
working with diverse people

Immerse yourself in rural Thailand and participate in daily community activities and operations of an organic farm. Build your community while learning perspectives from individuals from around the world. 


Build & Innovate
Skills for life

Learn to weld metal, work with electronics, build a wooden structure, raise pigs, plan rice, build a composting toilet, teach the skills you know, learn how to facilitate leadership development, apply the co-creative design process in the real world. 

Listen & Share
A community you can count on

The IDDS and International Development Innovation Network spans over 800+ people in 65 different countries. Join us to become a part of a network of institutions, organizations, and people who care about creating real solutions on the ground with local communities.