Our Intentional Impact

We recognize that our actions can have positive and negative impact regardless of our intentions. We believe that by stating our intentions, we can begin a conversation to minimize our negative impact as much as possible.  


Positive Human Impact

We are about people working with people to create a sustainable future for everyone.

We are co-creating new ways to work together by designing new opportunities for everyone to achieve a sustainable economy providing fair wages, innovative jobs, and empowered communities. IDDS Sisaket will provide training for empathy-driven designers, opportunities for community members, and infrastructure for the future. 

Positive Social Impact

We are about long-term sustainability and support. 

Our social impact is rooted in co-creating capacity for self-sufficiency. We strive to support economic opportunity while honoring cultural knowledge and expertise. We recognize that it is not enough to simply provide opportunities - everyone needs advocates for their dreams and meaningful support to create impact that lasts.

Positive Environmental Impact

We are the stewards
of our planet

Taking place at an organic rice farm in rural Thailand, IDDS Sisaket begins from the understanding that our health and livelihoods are grounded in the soil, water, and air. We are committed to making IDDS Sisaket and the innovation center that we are building an example of sustainability for our families, communities, and earth.