Dates and Location

  1. What are the IDDS Sisaket summit dates? IDDS Sisaket will take place from July 21 to August 5.
  2. What is the exact location for the summit? Summit will take place at Ban Hang Wao village of Sisaket Province in Thailand.


  1. What type of visa do I need to participate in the summit? If required, you should apply for Non-Immigrant “ED” visa.
  2. When can I apply for the visa and what is the total duration of visa? You can apply for visa now. Visa will be issued to you for the duration of 90 days.
  3. How much will the visa cost me? Around $80.
  4. What documents will be required for obtaining the visa? You will be needing invitation letter and organization registration from us that we will provide. Rest you should check with Royal Thai Embassy in your country.


  1. When can I arrive on the summit location? We will begin welcoming participants to IDDS Sisaket on July 20 and July 21. If you arrive before these dates you will be responsible for lodging in Sisaket town located about 25 minutes north of Raitong Organics Farm. Official registration will begin on July 21, and formal programming for IDDS Sisaket will begin promptly at 6am on July 22. We will provide transportation from Ubon Ratchathani Airport, Sisaket Bus Station, and Sisaket Train Station on July 20 and July 21. If you are driving from Bangkok, please proceed directly to Raitong Organics Farm:
  2. Is there an airport nearby the summit location? Can I book direct flight to that airport? The nearest airport is Ubon Ratchathani Airport (UBP). 4 airlines fly to this airport throughout the day. Thai Smile is Thai Airways regional subsidiary and will have interline agreements with other Star Alliance carriers around the world if booked through Thai Airways. Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, and Thai AirAsia are all low-cost airlines with regional connections throughout Asia and the Pacific.  Note that there are 2 international airports in Bangkok. Thai Smile has its base at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK), which serves all full-service international carriers and certain international low-cost carriers. Thai Smile connects with Thai Airways and Star Alliance carriers through this airport.
    1. Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, and Thai AirAsia have their bases at Don Mueang International Airport (DMK), which serves all Thai-based low-cost carriers and their international low-cost partners. There are extremely limited full-service carriers that serve this airport.
    2. There is a shuttle service between BKK and DMK. Please allow at least 180 minutes to travel between the two airports to account for immigration, customs, baggage, and travel time.
  3. If I land in Bangkok, how can I travel to summit location? If your main international flight ticket terminates in Bangkok, you have several options: 
    1. Book a flight (55 minutes from takeoff to landing + 90 minutes to the farm): Book a separate ticket with Thai Smile, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, or Thai AirAsia to Ubon Ratchathani (UBP) for arrival on July 20 or July 21. Note airport information above regarding the correct airport.

    2. Book a train ticket (8 hours from departure to arrival + 25 minutes to the farm):

      1. Train tickets can be booked at If booking a train ticket, we recommend taking a 2nd class AC express day train (Special Express 21) or a 1st/2nd class AC sleeper train (Special Express 23/Express67).

        1. Go to the above website.

        2. In the yellow box click “North Eastern”

        3. Edit the origin and destination to read “Bangkok” and “Si Sa Ket”

        4. Click “Select Coach” and follow the directions. Depart from Hua Lamphong Terminal Station in Bangkok.

        5. Print your ticket (sent to your email in PDF form) and bring with you on board the train with valid ID.

    3. Book a bus ticket (8 hours from departure to arrival + 25 minutes to the farm)

      1. We recommend Nakhonchai Air bus line:

      2. On the reservation form:

        • From: Nakhonchaiair bus station (Bangkok)

        • Points up: Nakhonchaiair bus station (Bangkok)

        • To: Si Sa Ket

        • Points down: Si Sa Ket

      3. Click payment to pay by credit card.

      4. Select your bus and seat

      5. Print your bus pass

      6. Arrive at the bus station at least 20 minutes before your departure time. Nakhonchai Air bus station on Google Maps

  4. How much the journey from Bangkok to summit location will cost me?

By Air: 1-way tickets are between 1000-2000 Baht

By Train: 2nd class - ~500-800 Baht, 1st class - ~1000-1200 Baht

By Bus: ~500-600 Baht